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Tacx® NEO 2T

Smart T2875

Exceptionally silent, accurate and powerful smart direct drive trainer

Product/Part ID: T2875.62

OMR 545   OMR 555
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Smart Trainer

Tacx Flow Smart Trainer is an indoor bike trainer that features a wheel-on-design allowing for an easy setup, virtually silent flywheel, and much more.

Product/Part ID: T2240.62

OMR 135
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Tacx® NEO Motion Plates

NEO Motion Plates

Product/Part ID: 010-13193-00

OMR 125
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Smart Trainer T2900S

Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer is an indoor bike trainer that features a next-to-silent direct drive trainer, compatibility with third-party training apps, & more.

Product/Part ID: T2900S.62

OMR 275
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Tacx FLUX 2

Smart Trainer T2980

Powerful smart direct drive trainer with full cycling app compatibility

Product/Part ID: T2980.62

OMR 350
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Tacx Antares

Basic Trainer

Tacx® Antares Basic Trainer is a bike roller trainer that offers a stable ride and easy storage due to its retractable design.

Product/Part ID: T1000

OMR 80
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Tacx Galaxia

Advanced Roller Trainer

Tacx® Galaxia Advanced Roller Trainer includes a patented swing system that can absorb forward and backward accelerations while remaining firmly in place.

Product/Part ID: T1100

OMR 115
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