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Hiking and Handhelds

Hiking & Handhelds

eTrex® 10

Rugged Handheld GPS with Enhanced Capabilities

Product/Part ID: 010-00970-02

OMR 40
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inReach Mini 2

Flame Red, GPS, EMEA

Product/Part ID: 010-02602-02

OMR 145   OMR 150
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DriveSmart 66 Travelers Edition MENA/EU MT-S, GPS

Live traffic with smartphone app

Product/Part ID: 010-02469-10

OMR 115
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Tread Base Edition

5.5” Powersport Navigator

Product/Part ID: 010-02406-11

OMR 235
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eTrex® 30

Preloaded MENA

Our Most Popular Handheld GPS with 3-axis Compass

Product/Part ID: 020-00220-03

OMR 79   OMR 100
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eTrex® 30x

Handheld GPS, 3-axis Compass: Better Resolution and Memory

Product/Part ID: 010-01508-10

OMR 79   OMR 100
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eTrex® 22x

Rugged Handheld GPS

Product/Part ID: 010-02256-01

OMR 75
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eTrex® 32x

eTrex 32x is a rugged GPS handheld with preloaded TopoActive maps, compass, barometric altimeter and a 2.2x sunlight-readable colour display.

Product/Part ID: 010-02257-01

OMR 95
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GPS 73

The GPS 73 is a handheld marine GPS that is the perfect navigational solution for boats, sailboats or small watercraft that do not have a chartplotter.

Product/Part ID: 010-01504-02

OMR 65
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The GPSMAP 78s is a handheld marine GPS that includes a 3-axis compass, color mapping and a microSD card slot for loading additional maps.

Product/Part ID: 010-00864-01

OMR 135
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Arabic Keboard

GPSMAP 276Cx all-terrain navigator has been renewed with advanced GPS and GLONASS reception, a large, sunlight-readable 5-inch screen, barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, preloaded recreational map of Europe and BirdsEye satellite imagery subscription.

Product/Part ID: 010-01607-02

OMR 275
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Roam The Unknown

Overlander™ is a rugged, multipurpose sat-nav with a 7 colour touchscreen that features turn-by-turn directions for on-road navigation and topography maps for off-grid guidance. Use your Explore account to wirelessly sync your tracks and waypoints across your Overlander, smartphone and desktop.

Product/Part ID: 010-02195-10

OMR 275   OMR 285
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The rugged, button-operated GPSMAP 64x handheld navigator features a 2.6" sunlight-readable colour display.

Product/Part ID: 010-02258-01

OMR 105
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Multisatellite handheld with sensors

GPS Handheld

Product/Part ID: 010-01918-01

OMR 145
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Rugged handheld with expanded satellite support, sensors and TopoActive Europe maps.

Product/Part ID: 010-02451-11

OMR 155
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Oregon® 700

Oregon® 700 is a hiking handheld w/GPS and GLONASS reception that includes built-in-Wi-Fi®, a 3" sunlight-readable touchscreen & more.

Product/Part ID: 010-01672-01

OMR 115   OMR 130
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Montana 700

Rugged GPS Touchscreen Navigator

Montana® 700 is a handheld GPS with a 5 touchscreen, [AR] navigation sensors and routable mapping for roads and trails.

Product/Part ID: 010-02133-01

OMR 210   OMR 230
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Montana® 700i

Rugged GPS Touchscreen Navigator with inReach® Technology

Product/Part ID: 010-02347-11

OMR 305   OMR 315
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Montana® 750i

Rugged GPS Touchscreen Navigator with inReach® Technology and 8 Megapixel Camera

Product/Part ID: 010-02347-01

OMR 305
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inReach Mini, Orange

Lightweight and compact satellite communicator

Product/Part ID: 010-01879-00

OMR 135
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GPS handheld and satellite communicator

Product/Part ID: 010-02088-02

OMR 210   OMR 230
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