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Drive 52

The Garmin Drive® 52 - Traffic features easy-to-use GPS navigation, traffic avoidance and helpful travel information to enhance any road trip or daily commute.

Product/Part ID: 010-02036-52

OMR 85
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Tread Base Edition

5.5” Powersport Navigator

Product/Part ID: 010-02406-11

OMR 235
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Drive 61

Dedicated GPS Navigator with Driver Alerts

Product/Part ID: 010-01679-52

OMR 90   OMR 95
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Drive Smart 65, Travellers Edition

Traffic with Included Cable

Garmin DriveSmart® 65 & Traffic offers GPS navigation with a 5.5-inch edge-to-edge display, and traffic information to enhance your drive.

Product/Part ID: 010-02038-53

OMR 115   OMR 120
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DriveAssist™ 51



Product/Part ID: 010-01682-52

OMR 116   OMR 140
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